Friday, November 2, 2007

"fingered" by his own finger

We have heard of inept thieves who-
  • left behind a check with their own name on it
  • went to the robbery wearing their name on their hat
  • left behind the items they tried to steal.
This week, Stewart Broughton, 42, displayed a different sort of ineptitude. He did everything in his power to "finger himself" as the thief.

Literally, he left behind his finger.

Mr. Broughton broke into a building- supply yard in Fareham, Hampshire (England) in an attempt to steal a barrel of diesel fuel. When he tried to carry the barrel over a fence, his finger got caught and was completely severed at the knuckle.

He went to the hospital for treatment, but by that time, his finger had been found back at the yard. It didn't take the police very long to find a match for the finger.

Broughton pleaded guilty to two counts of theft and will be sentenced later this month.

and why shouldn't he plead guilty? he was caught red-handed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A finger for fuel... thats nothing... in the states fuel costs an arm and a leg... Thank you... Goodnight.