Monday, November 12, 2007

living the good life in a toilet

John, dumper, crapper, porcelain pool, head, throne, potty, hopper and home-sweet-home.

This week, Sim Jae-duck of South Korea will move into his new home which is shaped to look just like a toilet seat.

Mr. Jae-duck is known as Mr. Toilet in his own country (and now around the world) because he is a champion for the cause of cleaner toilets. For many years, he has tried to promote cleaner public toilets in his homeland. Now, he is taking his message to the world.

His $1.1 million home, called Haewoojae (meaning a "place to solve one's worries") opens this week to coincide with the first-ever meeting of the World Toilet Association. Mr. Jae-duck hopes that his home will gain worldwide attention and start people talking about those objects that are central to our lives: the toilet.

The house/toilet/home contains 4 bathrooms each with a toilet, urinal, sink, and jacuzzi. At the center of the house is a very special showcase bathroom that can be seen from all the floors. Concerned about privacy in such a bathroom? With the touch of a button, the glass becomes opaque and classical music starts to play (presumably to mask the sounds of nature that will soon emanate from the room.)

If you would like to stay in the house, you might be able to be a guest for $50,000, which will be donated to help developing nations build better toilets.

For three of the bathrooms, there is also a built-in bedroom.
Haewoojae will also be known as Crescent Moon Inn.


Ed & Jeanne said...

Excellent. I'd been saving this photo for a post on this too. Just hadn't gotten around to it. So many stupid things, so little time...

Canucklehead said...

$50,000.00! I think I can think of a LOT of better ways to flush away mu money ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my site and thanks for this post. It gave me a giggle.