Thursday, November 1, 2007

tales of the really cheap

Do you know anyone who is cheap... tight... chintzy? AOL collected stories of cheapdom from readers. Here are some of the cheapest of the cheap:

One husband bought his wife candy and flowers for Valentine's Day. He allowed her to look at the flowers for an hour and eat one piece of candy... then he would bring them to his mother and sister for Valentines gifts.

One man noted that our calendars cycle so that every year is one of 14 patterns. So, he never marks his calendars. He saves them and uses post-it notes to mark the dates and then waits for a few years until that calendar pattern comes back around again.

One contributor had a neighbor who disconnected his doorbell light to "save on electricity."

Another man removes cherry stems before purchasing the cherries.... because without the stems, they weigh less at checkout.

To save the cost of dental bills, one man uses Super Glue to fix pinhole cavities, chips and cracks in his teeth. Consequently, it looks like he is constantly wearing an athletic mouth protector. It is "tobacco brown."

photo: yes, there is such a place as Tightwad, MO

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