Monday, November 5, 2007

dancing dentist nearly causes blindness.

Brandy Fanning was in pain. One of her molars was hurting. So, she went to see Dr. George Trusty of Syracuse, NY.

Dr. Trusty examined Ms. Fanning and they determined that root canal was not an option. They decided that the tooth needed to be broken apart and extracted.

It is a common procedure. So common, in fact, that Dr. Trusty decided to add a little choreography to his procedure. Trusty administered Novocain and then started drilling on the tooth -- while doing dance steps to "Car Wash" which was playing on the radio.

At some point during the extraction/dance-routine something went wrong. The drill bit that Dr. Trusty was using broke off and went up into the tooth socket. Trusty then tried to extract the drill bit using a hook but only pushed it up further into the socket. It pierced Ms. Fanning's sinus cavity.

Trying to alleviate Fanning's anxiety about the situation, Trusty said that the whole thing was "no big deal" and that she would probably eventually sneeze the drill bit out of her nose. That explanation didn't satisfy Fanning, who asked to have an appointment with an oral surgeon.

Good thing she did.

The surgeon instructed her to go immediately to the emergency room. After examining her, they said that the drill bit was so close to her eye that, had she sneezed, she could have gone blind.

Trusty offered to pay for Fanning's medical bills but apparently reneged on his offer. There is now a lawsuit pending.

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