Friday, November 23, 2007

cyclist doesn't notice missing leg

Have you ever found a bruise on your body and wondered where it came from? That is normal.

In August, a 54-year-old Japanese motorcyclist was riding with some friends near Tokyo when he accidentally hit the center barrier of the roadway. It was a hard jolt, but did not knock him off his bike. He rode on.

After the bump, he said he felt pain but didn't notice anything was wrong until he stopped at the next intersection a mile down the road. When he came to the stop and went to put his feet down, that he noticed his right leg was entirely missing. Gone.

He was immediately taken to the hospital. One of his buddies went back to the accident site to get the leg. Unfortunately, it was too badly crushed during the impact.

the good news is that now he can use those single shoes we sometimes see along the road.

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