Thursday, December 6, 2007

stuff you just don't see every day

a friend sent me this collection of "things you don't see every day."

I see the last one frequently... cept for the cowboy hat.


Amy said...

why do you see the last one frequently? is this guy your neighbor or something? maybe someone in your family does this? i really want to know!

Anonymous said...

My favourite is the one where the guy tries to extinguish the fire using a pail of water:)
Luv your fun blog!

Gerry Hatrić said...

Same here. I want to know too! Its pretty rare here in the UK. ;-)

FriendinME said...

In answer to the questions...

Every town in Maine has at least one of one of these. It is a left-over tradition of having a sentry on the roof to keep an eye out for British soldiers or Indians. Sure, it gets cold up there, but at least these days, most roofs are equipped with toilets. (That isn't a chimney, it is a chute that goes right to the septic tank.)


My Uncle Harold does this. His wife just won't leave him alone when he tries to read the morning paper on the john. So, he set up a place for himself on the roof. It ain't private, but it is quiet.


I was kidding. ;)

Amy said...

oh! how unusual! or maybe not as the case may be. i'm sure Utahns have extraordinary habits too - hmmm, let's see. Oh yeah. We wear horns to church. That's right!

kidding also.