Monday, November 23, 2009

911? I need a date.

At first, we were instructed to dial "nine eleven" to report an emergency. These days, we are told to dial "nine-one-one". The reason for the change? A few bright lights reported that they could not find the "eleven" on their phone.

Some people weren't smart enough to capture the "nine-eleven" concept. Today, there are other people who can't seem to grasp the "emergency" concept, either. For example:

Last week, a teenager from Buffalo Grove, IL called 911 to ask if his parents were within their legal rights to take away his X-box. The police traced the call and arrived at the teenager's house where they informed him that he needed to obey his parents... and stop calling 911.

And then, there is the recent story of the woman who apparently felt that 911 was an emergency dating line:

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