Monday, November 30, 2009

horrible criminal sketch leads to arrest.

Earlier this year, a Bolivian taxi driver named Rafael Vargus was brutally murdered. The police didn't have many leads, so they asked for public help.

One helpful neighbor said she believed she saw the murderer. So, to be helpful, she drew a picture of the suspect. (see picture on right.... that is it)

The picture she drew looks more like a kid's doodle-drawing than a piece of police evidence. Some have noted that it looks a little like the scarecrow on Wizard of Oz. (Others note that the nose has a hint of Michael Jackson.)

There is simply no way a criminal could be apprehended by looking at that drawing. You'd think.

As horrible as the drawing is, it has led to the arrest of a suspect in the murder. Bolivian television is not allowed to show the faces of murder suspects. So, in news report, the suspect's face is hidden by this drawing. [www_ananova_com]
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