Friday, November 13, 2009

Japanese scare pranks

the "jack-in-the-box" type scares don't work for me, but the others are pretty fun... :)


Anonymous said...

Ah, the Japanese. Sick, sick people. I spent a month in Japan 20 years ago, and watched quite a number of Japanese game shows on TV. Let's see. . . One was during an earthquake drill, folks in a skyscraper dived headfirst into a flexible sheath outside a window to quickly reach the ground. But they tied the bottom of the sheath off, and beat the person trapped inside with a stick for a minute or so. Funny, huh? Another dealt with a wonderous Japanese trait. A gentleman - term used formally - will make a citizen's arrest if he sees someone commit a crime. During the show, the arrested person would pull out a sign on a stout stick saying, I assume, "smile, you're on candid camera!" During this show, one of the arrestors grabbed the sign away from the fake miscreant and started beating him seriously with it. I saw blood. No, not fake blood, the Japanese don't do that, the Americans do. The fake miscreant ran in terror, sadly into an alley. Where he was cornered, and curled up into a fetal position while being soundly beaten. Then the "beat-er" pulled his own sign, saying the same thing, and showed it to the weeping, bleeding man on the ground. Not my opinion of fun. But hey, I'm not Japanese.


FriendinME said...

yikes, Chris. I have seen clips of weird Japanese game shows, but not the kind you are talking about.

In this video, I just liked the rolling snowball/rock and the microphone. Okay, the microphone is lame, but funny. :)

The stuff you are talking about is just way over the top. yeesh.