Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the $15,000 airline snack

Last week, a passenger on a Ryanair flight from Poland to the East Midlands bought a scratch ticket while in flight.

The man scratched the ticket and found that he had a winning ticket. Incredibly, he won a prize of 10,000 euros (nearly $15,000*).

The man was glad he won but wanted his money immediately. When the attendant explained that he would be able to cash in the ticket when they landed, the man became frustrated and angry. He wanted his money now.

The members of the crew pointed out the simple reality that each flight does not carry that amount of money. They also pointed out that he could not spend the money in-flight anyhow.

Logic aside, the unnamed passanger wanted his money without delay. So, he stood up and ate the winning ticket.

Yes. He ate it.

With the ticket destroyed and the claim deadline passed (literally), the airline now plans to give the unclaimed money to charity. [news_bbc_co_uk]

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