Friday, March 26, 2010

I'd like $100,000 to go, please.

--Calling ahead to order pizza: good idea.
--Calling ahead to order tickets for a concert: good idea.
--Calling ahead to ask a bank to get a bag of money ready for you to rob: not-such-a-good idea.

This week Albert Bailey, 27, and an under-aged accomplice called a bank in Fairfield, Connecticut, and asked them to prepare a bag of $100,000 in large bills.  It was a robbery-to-go order.

They said they would be coming by soon to rob the bank. They threatened the bank employee and gave specific instructions to not place any dye-packs in the bag.

Ten minutes later, the two showed up at the bank to pick up their robbings order.  As you might expect, the police were waiting in the parking lot for them and promptly arrested them.

The two criminal geniuses have been charged with robbery and criminal threatening.

Police officer Sgt. James Perez said, "I would classify these individuals as "not too bright."   [www_metro_co_uk]

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