Friday, March 5, 2010

no Photoshop "Photoshopped" photos

Here are some interesting photographs that look like they were Photoshopped... but are actually un-retouched pictures:

It looks like the image of a desk imposed upon the picture of a man riding a bike. The furniture was actually a huge scupture entitled "the Writer" by Giancarlo Neri that was erected in Hampstead Heath, England in 2005. The bicyclist was really riding underneath it.

The wavy building is a canvas facade that was placed over a building that was under construction in Paris. Photo by drewje

This photo is a picture taken by Emily C Hughes. The left half of the picture is the image of Emily (the blonde) taking a picture of herself in a half mirror. The right half of the picture is her friend Alisha standing behind clear glass and half the mirror. You can see one of Emily's hands reflected in the clear glass. Very cool effect.

These via the WebUrbanist.

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