Monday, March 1, 2010

it was me. it sounds like me. it wasn't me. (man leaves accidental voicemail about a drug deal)

If you are going to discuss your illegal activity, you might want to hang up your cell phone.

This week, Joseph Stankiewicz of Des Moines, Iowa, called the human resources director at his place of business. He left a voice-message for her regarding his current medical leave. Then he forgot to hang up his phone.

On the continuing voice-mail, Joseph is heard talking with his friend Donny about the financial arrangements for a prescription drug deal. After that, the two were heard discussing future plans for selling and buying more Oxycontin and Percocet pills.

The human resources director handed the tape over to authorities. Dimwit Joseph's medical leave is over, and so is his job.

Interestingly, Joseph admits that he left the voice-mail for human resources but denies having a part in the following conversation.
-Yes, he has a friend named Donny.
-Yes, Joseph has access to Oxycontin pills.
-Yes, the voice on the uninterrupted voice mail sounds like Joseph and Donny's voices.
-Yes, the one who sounds like Joseph tells Donny that he had just called human resources at his company.
-Yes, the voice on the tape tells Donny that he will have to be quiet if HR calls back.

But Joseph claims that it wasn't him.

In his defense, Joseph notes that he would have to be "really dumb" to not hang up his phone and record the conversation.

That is just the point, Joseph.

No word yet on criminal charges. [www_desmoinesregister_com]

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