Friday, September 25, 2009

thieves use Facebook and MySpace to get caught

This week a pair of teens in Mary Esther, FL were arrested for burglary-- after the two went home and within an hour posted pictures of themselves on MySpace.

In the pictures, they were seen displaying the watches they had stolen from their local Sears. The post bragged about their escape from Santa Rosa Mall security: “Just got done running from dem crackers.” The two crime wizards have been arrested and will stand trial.

Those two actually seem a little smarter than Jonathan Parker of Fort Loudoun, PA.

This week, Jonathan, 19, decided to rob a home. As he committed the crime, Jonathan noticed a computer and just couldn't resist checking his Facebook status.

When the owners of the house came home, they found all the tell-tale signs that a burglar had been there: an open window, open cabinets and things out-of-order.

They also found that their burglar had used the computer.... and had not logged out of Facebook. Using the information on Facebook, police were able to track down Jonathan. He has been charged with felony burglary.

Jonathan on Twitter: "Finger printing me now. Officers seem nice."

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