Tuesday, September 8, 2009

why does the President look taller??

Question: What do elevator shoes, vertical-striped suits, tall hair styles and a group of 20 short French people have in common?

Answer: they all have been used to make short people look taller.

Last Thursday, French President Nicholas Sarkozy delivered a television message from the Faurecia motor technology plant in Normandy. People noticed that Sarkozy, who stands 5ft 5ins tall, seemed to look taller than usual.

The reason? The workers who were asked to appear on the platform with Sarkozy were all chosen because they are short. Thus, Sarkozy's height-impairment wasn't as noticeable.

This is not speculation. When interviewed, all of the people who appeared with Sarkozy admitted that they had been selected from the 1,400 work force because of their size. One correspondent accused officials of actually guarding the platform to keep "undesirable" (taller) people away.

It is thought that President Shortkozy has become particularly sensitive about his diminutive size after he appeared next to President Obama (6ft 2in) and Britain's George Brown (5ft 11ins) earlier this summer.

http://snipr.com/rnvt3 [www_telegraph_co_uk]

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