Wednesday, September 23, 2009

report: inmates don't like everything about prison

Who would have guessed?

Recently, officers in two English prisons distributed "satisfaction surveys" to nearly 1000 men and women who were incarcerated in the prisons. The survey was similar to standard customer surveys used by restaurants and hotels.

The inmates were asked 41 questions concerning how they felt about their prison-stay and how the prison accommodations might be improved to make the prison experience a bit more pleasant.

Surprisingly, many inmates responded to the survey with obscenity and less-than-stellar reviews. Some also seem to have been somewhat uncooperative.

Of those who completed the survey, some inmates complained about:
  • being accused of crimes
  • the fact that they weren't allowed to go home
  • bland food
  • entertainment limitations
Accordingly, the inmates suggested that the prisons ought to provide tastier food, serve drinks, provide better newspapers and magazines and satellite TV.

The study, which only cost a minimal amount of taxpayer money, was money well-spent. After all, the insight that the survey provided was groundbreaking.

One officer, however, did not seem very enthusiastic. Officer Dave James said, "What did they expect? When you look at most of the people you get in custody I am not surprised by the comments they have left... These are people arrested for drink driving, burglary and rape and the police service as a whole at that time is unlikely to be their favorite cup of tea."

hmmmm. Maybe they shoulda talked to that guy first. [www_metro_co_uk]

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