Tuesday, September 15, 2009

more 911 emergencies

Earlier this year, most of the news services carried the story of Latreasa Goodman of Fort Pierce, Florida, who called 911 to report an emergency: her local McDonald's had run out of Chicken McNuggets. http://snipr.com/rumcv

Not to be outdone, a woman in the Fort Worth, TX area called 911 and requested that a police officer come to the restaurant where she had ordered a take-out meal.

Why? She felt that she didn't get enough shrimp with the fried rice in her order. http://snipr.com/rumdn

The woman had taken her order and returned some time later to complain about the number of shrimp. Not knowing how many of the shrimp she had eaten before returning, the restaurant refused to give her a refund. By the time the police arrived, the shrimp-deprived woman had taken her order and gone home... again.

In China, a woman called the police twice to report her boyfriend's misbehavior. What was he doing? He didn't want to warm up her feet. In turn, the boyfriend called the police to complain that his girlfriend was too demanding.

When police arrived at the apartment, they found that the couple was still arguing. The situation was diffused when the police officer convinced the boyfriend that it was his responsibility to warm her feet. http://snipr.com/rume3


Struggling Parents said...

Pretty strange people out there, wonder if they ever had a real emergency...;)

FriendinME said...

If they had a real emergency, they would probably not know what to do.

Maybe dial 1822 (that would be a 2x911 emergency).

Did you know that they no longer refer to 9-1-1 as "nine eleven" because there were some people who couldn't find the "eleven" on their phone dial? (really, true)