Friday, September 4, 2009

weird wills - terrible testaments

Some people use their "last will and testament" to show affection and appreciation.

Jack Benny, for example, provided in his will that his wife should receive a rose every day for the rest of her life. (Mary lived for nine years after Jack died.)

Leona Helmsley, the notorious "Queen of Mean," left $12 million to her beloved dog Trouble (see right).

On the other hand, some people use their wills to get revenge...

Samuel Bratt was a wealthy man who could easily afford the finest cigars. Unfortunately for Samuel, he was married to a woman who never allowed him to smoke.

So, when Samuel died in 1960, he stipulated that his wife would receive his sizable fortune with one provision: that she smoke five cigars every day for the rest of her life.

Poet Heinrich Heine married a woman from Paris named Eugenie Mirat. Eugenie was arrogant, boorish and uneducated. In short, life with Eugenie was hardly "happily ever after."

So, in his will, Heinrich stipulated that Eugenie would get his entire estate with one provision: that she remarry. Why? Heinrich explained, "Because then there will be at least one man who will regret my death." [www_oddee_com]

This is the first of a series of weird history posts that will be occasionally added to my pointless.

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