Wednesday, July 7, 2010

free on Craig's List! a whole trailer full of good stuff (that isn't mine)

LAND O' LAKES - The 29-year-old resident of Chelsea Meadows apartments got sick of looking at a trailer loaded with furniture in the complex parking lot, Pasco County deputies say.

So she took matters into her own hands by taking a picture of it and posting an advertisement on Craigslist, deputies say.

"Come get this trailer, attach it to your car and get it out of here," it read. "I'm tired of looking at it, and I have no idea what to do with it. You must take couches and dresser too either keep them or dispose of them, just get them out of here! Thank you! No need to email or call just come get it," it stated. The ad continued with specific directions to the complex. "The trailer is sitting in the parking lot ready to be attached to the car and take. I will delete this post when it is gone. Thank you!"

The problem, deputies say, is the trailer or the furniture didn't belong to her. It belonged to a new tenant, Robert Andrews.

On Thursday, deputies arrested Vanessa Kimball, 29, on a charge of grand theft.

more of the story from Tampa Bay Online

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