Monday, July 19, 2010

shoplifter pays bail with counterfeit bills... then asks for a refund

Ronald T White, 25 of Camden, NJ was arrested for shoplifting and posted his own bail for $400.

A few days later, he learned that the amount he paid was $200 more than he should have paid. So, Ronald returned to the police station and demanded his money back.

Unfortunately, Ronald isn't the brightest bulb on the tree. It seems that Ron had posted his bail by using some counterfeit $20 bills. The bills were easily detected because they were not printed on the right paper.

So, when Ron came to get his refund, he was promptly arrested for counterfeiting. To make matters worse, he had two more $20s with matching serial numbers... that also happened to match the ones he passed earlier.

Said Police Det. Sgt. William Covert, "You can't teach stupid,... He walks in the door looking for his money and we lock him up."

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