Monday, September 29, 2008

blind half the time

A few months ago, I posted the story of an Australian woman who is allergic to water. To be sure, it is a rare and unusual condition.

This week, ABC News (Australia) reported the story of Natalie Adler, a 21-year-old Australian who is blind three out of every six days.

It seems that Adler has a mysterious condition that causes her eyes to spasm shut on a regular basis. The cause of the condition is unknown. When her eyes are shut, she can only see a narrow slit in her left eyelid. When her eyes are open, the left lid sags slightly. They are shut for three days at a time.

The condition is rare, but not unknown. It is called blepharospasm, which causes the involuntary closing of the eyes. However, a person who experiences this condition for three days at a time on a weekly basis is unheard of.

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