Wednesday, September 3, 2008

memo: dead men don't keep doctor's appointments

Ahmad Akhtary and his wife, Anne, developed a brilliant plan to get rich-- they would claim Ahmad had died and file a false claim to their insurance company.

Ahmad, a native Afghan, skillfully created an official-looking document that said that he had died from "brain trauma" after an accident in Afghanistan. Anne then submitted the claim to the Norwich Union insurance company and attempted to collect £300,000 (approx. $600,000).

The plan was elegant in its simplicity. Unfortunately, it was idiotic in its execution.

It seems that Ahmad and Anne didn't quite grasp the concept of what it means to be "dead." Ahmad continued to go to work and live out-in-the-open. He even kept his doctor's appointment 6 months after he died.

When he was caught, Ahmad claimed to have no knowledge of the fake document. He could not, however, find a good explanation for the fact that his finger prints were on his own death certificate.

When Anne was confronted, she admitted to the scam. They have both been tried and sentenced to 9 months in jail (suspended for two years) and many hours of unpaid community service.

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