Friday, September 26, 2008

no bum rap

This week, Sandra Meiser, 26, was arrested as she stood in line at a bank in Norf, Germany.

Sandra was patiently waiting in the queue line. Her plan was that when she got to the teller, she would take out a gun and rob the bank again. Yes, again.

Sandra robbed the very same bank branch a few weeks ago and got away with $24,000.

Okay. Robbing the same bank twice is stupid enough. But the reason this story is noteworthy has to do with why she was caught.

As Sandra was standing in line, a 61-year-old man who had witnessed the first robbery recognized Sandra and called the police. But how did he recognize her? After all, she was wearing a mask during the first robbery.

Apparently, Sandra has an extraordinarily large posterior. In explaining how she was identified, one bank employee said, "He called the police and they arrested her and found her ski mask and hand gun in her jacket. He said he recognized her bottom straight away - he'd never forget something that big."

Sandra faces 10 years in jail for armed robbery. The 61-year-old witness earned himself an $8,000 reward.

After the first heist, police feared that they'd never get to the bottom of it.


riya said...

Sandra is indeed stupid. It is foolish to think of robbery in the same bank.


Gerry Hatrić said...

I heard this on the radio this morning. But where is the picture of this almighty and distinctive bum?? ;-)

By the way I was sent some amusing pics which I posted on if you're interested.

FriendinME said...

Robert, good to see you around. :)

I will be looking for a picture of this thing.