Friday, September 5, 2008

sold: tattoo-- skin and all

Tim Steiner is rightfully proud of his tattoo. It is an elaborate design of the Virgin Mary that took some 35 hours to create. He believes the world ought to see it.

So, earlier this month, Mr. Steiner sold his tattoo for $218,000 (150,000 euros). The new owner has the right to show the tattoo now AND later. When Mr. Steiner dies, his back skin will be removed so that it can be displayed for future generations.

Steiner's tattoo, which was created by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye, will be on display for the first time next week in Singpore and Shanghai.

giving new meaning to the phrase "I've got your back."

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Anonymous said...

There is a Roald Dahl story called "skin" that is errily similar to this, but hopefully they have a different ending...