Tuesday, January 27, 2009

didn't notice a $168,227.50 mistake

Last summer, Randy and Melissa Pratt of Bloomsburg, PA deposited $1,772.50 in their checking account at FNB Bank. However, a bank recorded the deposit as $175,000.

Randy, 50, and Melissa, 37, suddenly had some extra money in the account and didn't bother to tell the bank about it.

Shortly afterward, they withdrew the money. Then, they quit their jobs and moved to Orlando, Florida. They apparently were planning to settle down there because they were in the process of buying a house when the bank discovered the error.

Of course, the bank wants their money back and is not-a-little peeved at the Pratts for withdrawing the money and skipping town. So, they have been arrested for theft and other charges.

What makes this story truly newsworthy, however, is the compelling explanation that Melissa gave for why they didn't tell the bank about the error.

Melissa said that they simply did not notice the bank error. It seems that her husband, a roof installer, often gets large checks and they just weren't aware of any discrepancy.

That is a probably good thing. That means that she probably won't notice the $100,000 that is needed for their bail, either.

via http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28654819/

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