Monday, January 12, 2009

overdrawn at the bank? rob them then pay it

Do you have an overdrawn account at the bank? Have you written checks that are bouncing?

Here is interesting solution: rob the bank; make your get-away and then return to pay the overdraft.

Last week, an armed robber wearing a ski-hat entered Kredi Bank in Serbia and demanded that the tellers to hand over their cash. They complied, and the man escaped with the equivalent of $60,000.

Moments after the heist, the thief removed his ski-hat and casually returned to the bank. He talked with the appropriate people about his overdraft and said that he wanted to settle it.

Unfortunately, the man was still wearing his distinctive bright red shoes and the ski-hat had not been much of a disguise. He was arrested and charged with armed robbery.

One police officer said, "The man had been wearing bright red trainers and everyone remembered them distinctly when they saw him run out of the bank.

"They could not believe their eyes when they saw a man wearing the same shoes come back in and kept him in the bank talking about his overdraft while our officers arrived."

and I'll bet they didn't even take his payment.

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