Friday, January 9, 2009

home sweet prison

What punishment is worse than going to prison?
Answer: living at your parent's house.

At least, that is the opinion of Guido Beneventi.

Mr. Beneventi, 30, was recently sentenced to prison for committing theft. However, his prison stay was reduced with the understanding he would wear an electronic tag and live at his parent's home in Palermo, Italy.

After a series of arguments and a whole lot of nagging, Guido broke his curfew and ran straight to the police station. There, he demanded to be thrown back in jail.

As Guido was headed back to jail, he gratefully said to the police, "You are my saviors... I just couldn't take another day with them..."

He added, "They spent all their time telling me how useless I was and lecturing me about everything and ordering me to do housework. It was like being a child again. Prison was better."

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