Friday, April 17, 2009

where oh where did my nurse go??

Timing is everything.

This week, a nurse at a Madison, Wisconsin hospital was assisting in a surgical procedure. Part way through the procedure, she was called away by her manager.

Outside the operating room, the nurse was told that her services would not longer be needed at the hospital. That's right-- she was fired, terminated, downsized, made redundant, pink-slipped, involuntarily-separated-from-payroll, while in the middle of a surgery.

The nurse wasn't fired because of poor job performance or any disciplinary action. She is simply part of a hospital staff downsizing.

The nurse was not able to return to the operating room. Fortunately, the surgical patient was not affected by the immediate "downsizing" of the surgical team. However, the sudden firing was a violation of medical protocol (not to mention human decency).

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