Monday, May 4, 2009

entire village rescued from flash flood danger. or not.

Last week a parish council in England took decisive action to spare the inhabitants of a village from flash floods.

The council issued an order that 6-year-old Daniel Johnson (pictured right) and his father, Rob Johnson must cease and desist from building dams in a nearby stream.

The order was written by the parish clerk and sent to the Johnson home. The writ stated that the Johnsons "repeatedly" rebuilt dams in a 2-inch-deep stream near the village.

Why were these dams (see picture) a problem? Because the dams pose a threat of creating possible flash-flood conditions in the village.

Said, Mr. Johnson, 'It's just ridiculous. This is about a child being supervised by a parent playing in a stream two inches deep.

'We have made pebble dams a few times. It's stuff you do with your kids. It is normal everyday activity, something people do all over the country.

'Daniel doesn't make proper dams - it's just a few pebbles in a row that the water flows around."

The council order explained the threat of flash flooding and then concluded by saying, 'We request you cease your activity on the beck forthwith.'
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De Mar said...

you wanted to live in a nanny state. and now you do! here in the U.S. we play in creaks, mud puddles, ditches and where ever we want. flash flooding, what a joke. :-)