Friday, May 15, 2009

want a son? don't take a bath.

Kailash Kalau Singh of Varanasi, India, wants to be the father of a son. A lot. A whole lot.

Singh, 65, has fathered seven daughters over the years but still desperately wants a son.

Fortunately, there is hope (of sorts): thirty-five years ago, Singh was told by a "seer" that he would be blessed with a male child if he did not take a bath.

So, to get a son, Singh has not taken a bath for the last 35 years. Instead of bathing in water, every day, Singh stands on one leg near a bonfire and smokes marijuana while praying to Shiva. He claims that the smoke kills the germs and makes him healthy.

Apparently the smoke does not kill the stink. Singh used to own a grocery store but his customers stopped shopping at his store because of his smelly aura. Today, he works in the fields near Varansai... probably alone.

Having a son would be a double-miracle... since no woman wants to be near a bathless man.

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