Monday, February 8, 2010

lotion thief not so smooth

A person doesn't have to be a shoplifter to understand some obvious things about the art of shoplifting.

For example, it is obvious that a good shoplifter should try to conceal the things that he is hiding. Obvious bulges under your clothing is probably not a good idea.

Last week, Chamil Guardarrma, 30, of Framingham, MA tried his hand at shoplifting some items from the Bath & Body Works in the Eastfield Mall.

Chamil entered the store and started looking around. Soon, an employee at the store noticed that Chamil kept putting bottles of lotion into the fly of his pants. The employee alerted security.

Mall security guards responded and immediately noticed that Chamil's pants were extraordinarily lumpy and very full-looking. When they tried to stop Chamil, he tried to make a "run" for it. Unfortunately, his pants were so full of stolen stuff that he could only rapidly waddle. He was immediately arrested and charged with theft.

Chamil had stolen seventy-five 8oz bottles of lotion from the store. (That is 5 gallons of lotion in moderate sized bottles.) He had tied strings around both ankles to keep the bottles inside his pants. One security guard said that Chamil "had a hard time running and was extremely bowlegged." He was unable to bend over or sit down because his pants were so full of lotion bottles.

Ironically, police said that Chamil's legs were "extremely chafed" from trying to run with the bottles of lotion in his pants. He needed to use the items he stole-- but the lotion is to be used for evidence.

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