Tuesday, April 15, 2008

busted by barf

This blog has carried stories of stupid criminals who have incriminated themselves in various ways.

But here is a new one.

And, okay, it is gross.

In Australia, three men robbed a post office and got away with over $3000. Unfortunately, one of the robbers was so nervous about the heist that he vomited.

After the men departed, police forensics experts examined the pool of sickness and took samples. The DNA tests showed that the vomit belonged to Ahmed Habbib Jalloul, 20.

Mr. Jalloul has been picked up. The other two men are still at large.

Said police officer Col. Philips: "These days we use hair, blood, cigarette butts, spit, semen, everything to place someone at a crime scene."


memo: bring barf bag to heist

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