Tuesday, April 29, 2008

no more worries about global warming

An important discovery has been made in the battle against global warming: kangaroos don't burp much.

That's right. An Australian news agency reported this week that researchers in South Wales have noticed that kangaroos don't burp as much as other animals-- which suggests that their stomachs are producing less methane gas than other animals. It follows, then, that if scientists can discover why kangaroos burp less, that they might be able to help other animals burp less.

Why is this an important stride in science? Why should a team of scientists devote themselves to this study? Because if humans can get cows and sheep to burp less, we can reduce methane emissions around the world. If we can reduce methane emissions, we can reduce global warming, thereby saving our planet.

Rest easier tonight. Drive your car with abandon. Scientists in Australia are on the job.


After the scientists straighten out the cow-and-sheep burp-problem, I know somebody they oughta visit.

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Gerry Hatrić said...

There is an amusing myth that "kangaroo" is Aboriginal for "I don't understand" and was the answer given to Cpt James Cook when he asked a local what the strange animal was called.

Another amusing, but this time factual anecdote, is that Kylie, as in Kylie Minogue, means "boomerang".