Thursday, April 10, 2008

you want half? I'll give you half.

Branko Zivkov, 76, recently got a divorce from his wife after 45 years of marriage.

As part of the divorce settlement, Branko was instructed to give his former wife, Vukadinka, half of everything they owned, including half of all the farming equipment.

Branko was prepared to give his wife half of most things, but he wasn't too thrilled about giving her half of the farming equipment. So, Branko decided to take the court order very literally.

Branko took a grinding machine and cut all of his tools in half -- all of them-- including all the hand tools and heavy machinery (cattle scales, harrow, sowing machine).

"I still haven't decided how to split the cow," he told the newspaper.

does she get half the fertilizer too??

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