Friday, June 13, 2008

even a thief needs coffee

If you are going to rob a coffee shop, it probably isn't a good idea to return a short time later for a hot brew.

This week, a Starbucks in Boulder, Colorado, was robbed by a man in his early 40s. The robber wore distinctive yellow gloves, carried a red backpack and wore wire-rimmed glasses during the robbery.

Shortly after the robbery, a detective was in the shop quizzing the Starbuck's employees about the robbery. The man they described looked.... um... remarkably like a guy who was standing in line, waiting to get some coffee (complete with yellow gloves, wire-rimmed glasses and red backpack).

The detective spotted the man, who immediately turned around and walked out of the shop... then broke into a run. Detective Kurt Foster chased him down and tackled him.

He is now under arrest for robbing the Starbucks, resisiting arrest and several other charges from unrelated robberies.

1 comment:

Robin Lee Sardini said...

Steve, this guy obviously had a serious coffee deficiency. It just goes to show that a day without enough coffee makes one seriously stupid! :-)