Thursday, June 26, 2008

next time, he will just pay the ticket

Vicki Fielden, 49, of Sheffield, England, was charged with speeding after a traffic camera clocked her going 36mph in a 30mph zone. She was fined £60 ($120).

Her husband, Iain, who is a physicist and researcher at Sheffield Hallam University, was not satisfied. He wanted to vindicate his wife and not have to pay the fine.

So, he set out on a mission to prove that the camera that took the picture gave a false reading. He hired experts. He took measurements, He wrote equations. He put dye on the road to show motion. He even made cast impressions of the curbstones.

After all that effort, his wife was found guilty as charged.

The Fieldens now have a bill for $10,000 expenses they incurred while developing their defense. They also owe $30,000 to cover the court costs. And, oh yes, the $120 speeding ticket.

Total bill: $40,120 for a $120 ticket.

Nice move, Iain. You proved that smart people can be really stupid.

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