Wednesday, June 25, 2008

remember: cameras take pictures.

Here is a novel idea: when committing a robbery, take a moment to check-out how you look with the stolen goods -- in a camera lens that is taking your picture.

The young man in the picture approached a 16-year-old boy while riding on public transportation in Bromley, England. He asked to see the boy's bracelet-- which he grabbed. Then, he also grabbed the boy's necklace.

He paused for a moment and tried on the jewelry, looking at his reflection in a security camera lens. He admired himself for nearly 15 seconds. Then, rather than returning the jewelry, he threatened the teenager with a knife, and escaped with the jewelry which is valued at nearly $400.

He apparently wasn't smart enough to understand that the surveillance camera was filming him. Police have posted his picture and are asking for help in identifying him.

In an obvious understatement, Dan Arundell, of British Transport Police's robbery squad, said: "The CCTV images are very clear.

"It was quite clear that he was checking himself out in the reflection of the CCTV camera.

"The general consensus is that he is not the brightest spark..."

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