Thursday, June 5, 2008

yearbook gives a new name to Max Supernova, Courtney Throwback

You have to love computer spell checkers. After all, they make writing and publishing so much easier. Click; click and your spelling is perfect.

Well, most of the time. Sometimes, spell checkers can screw up things in a big way.

For example, take the Middletown Area (Pennsylvania) High School yearbook. Recently, the school received their books from the printer, only to find that the spell checker had "fixed" certain names.

Max Zupanovic had his name changed to Max Supernova.
Kathy Carbaugh is now Kathy Airbag.
Alessandra Ippolito is listed as Alexandria Impolite.
Cameron Bendgen is now a Bandage.
Courtney and Kayla Hrobak are Throwbacks.
William and Elizabeth Givler are now Givers.

Taylor Publishing, the printers of the book, has apologized for the errors. However, company spokesman Ed Patrick maintains that errors like these are common. "It happens all the time, every year. Look at any yearbook in the country."

The company is offering free stickers to cover up the incorrect names.

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