Tuesday, June 10, 2008

it was just like in the movies

It didn't go quite as he had imagined.

Mr Chen, of Xinyan Town in China wanted to surprise his girlfriend, Wen, with a memorable proposal. He had seen romantic movies where the engagement ring was hidden inside a cake. It seemed like a good idea.

So, the cake was baked. The evening was set. The surprise was ready.

At first, it went as planned. Wen started eating her cake. Then, Chen got down on one knee to ask her the big question.

It was at that moment Wen realized what was happening-- and that she had just swallowed her engagement ring with a mouthful of cake. She promptly fainted.

When Wen was revived, she told Chen what happened. She was immediately taken to the hospital where she had a catheter put down her throat to retrieve the ring from her stomach.

(But... she said yes.)


I am such a soft-touch for a romantic story.

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speak in doodles said...

Oh my...It definitely did not go as planned, at least she said yes!