Monday, August 17, 2009

he looked so natural at the funeral...

Are you looking for a way to preserve the memory someone you love? Here is an interesting (or completely creepy) idea:

Cremation Solutions will create an urn that is an exact replica of the person's head. The replicas are available in three sizes:
  • the full-size version, which is the size of the person's head and large enough to hold all the ashes of any adult.
  • the "keepsake" size which is smaller and will hold some of the remains (have two or three made and share the ash with friends!)
  • a smaller size that is not an urn but simply a likeness of the loved one.
The "personal urns" are made by using two photographs of the departed loved one. Cremation Solutions believes that this is a "new and exciting way" to memorialize someone.

Parenthetically, they also make dandy candy dishes for use at the funeral or anytime fun.
Does it come in a Chia version? [www_metro_co_uk]

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