Friday, August 21, 2009

Wal-Mart employee gives bigger discount on iPods and computers

Remo Spencer is probably not the brightest employee at the Wal-Mart in Great Falls, Montana.

Earlier this year, Remo wanted to sell around $7,000 worth of iPods and laptop computers. So, Remo posted the items he wanted to sell on the employee's bulletin board at the Wal-Mart where he worked.

One of the store managers thought the bulletin board post looked a little suspicious. It seemed a bit peculiar that Remo was selling the same sort of stuff that the store was missing.

After looking at some surveillance tapes, they realized that it was not a coincidence. Remo was trying to sell the stuff he stole from the store by posting it at the store.

Remo was arrested at work (how appropriate) and has returned eight laptops and seven iPods. [www_billingsgazette_com]

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