Monday, August 31, 2009

in China, butter prevents suicide

Butter: it is good for baking, topping popcorn and preventing suicide.

Recently, Chinese officials have become concerned about a bridge in Guangzhou that seems to attract suicide attempts. In one month, they have had as many as eight jumpers. Not only do people die, but the suicides also create massive traffic jams.

Authorities have tried erecting special fences, posting "no suicide" signs and placing guards on the bridge. Nothing seemed to work.

Until now.

Recently, government officials ordered that the bars and frames of the bridge be covered in butter. The butter makes the bridge difficult to climb and therefore makes the would-be suicide attempters easier to grab.

The bridge guard said: "Each time somebody threatens to commit suicide to get media attention or sympathy over personal problems we end up with several hours of tailbacks and there were lots of complaints.

"Since we put up the butter there have been no problems with these attention seekers." [www_metro_co_uk]

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