Tuesday, September 25, 2007

dear victim, here is how to find me...

Last week, a Australian man decided to paint his way into the annuls of incompetent-criminal history.

The man broke into some townhouses that were under construction, and stole four 20-litre (approx 5 gallons each) cans of paint. He loaded them into his vehicle and drove away.

When one of the townhouse owners came to the site, he noticed a clear trail of white paint-drips leading away from the townhouses.

He called the police and together they followed the trail (see photo) for more than 3 miles. The bandit now faces three counts of burlary, one count of theft, and will face a fine for defacing public property (the paint trail).

maybe his cell will get a fresh coat of paint

story: http://www.brimbankleader.com.au/article/2007/09/18/22345_bmv_news.html