Sunday, September 16, 2007

the ultimate punishment.

In Fort Lupton, Colorodo, violators of the city noise ordinance are faced with a frightening punishment:

--pay a fine? no.
--perform community service? no.
--a little jail time, perhaps? no

Worse. Judge Paul Sacco sentences them to listen to music by Barry Manilow, Karen Carpenter, Dolly Parton and others for an entire hour.

During the hour, they are not allowed to sleep, have fun or do anything but listen to a boom box playing the music.

Violaters are usually kids who like to play rap and heavy metal at high levels in their cars. At first, they find the punishment amusing, then they find it to be sheer torture.

The punishment apparently works. There are few repeat offenders.

(Now, the city faces a new problem: 50 yr old women trying to get arrested on noise violations)
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