Thursday, September 13, 2007

oops... my bad. Sorry about the revenge.

A woman in Florence, Oregon is being held in a Lane County jail for allegedly starting a fire at a neighbor's house.

She explained to the police that her keys were missing. She was certain that her neighbors had taken them, so as any good law abiding citizen would do, she decided to trash their home.

She broke in, threw things around and made a general mess. But that wasn't enough.

She went home and got some lighter fluid and cooking oil... and then returned to the neighbor's house. After some experimentation, she was finally able to start a successful inferno using the fluids and a stuffed animal.

Then, she called 911 and hid in the bushes to watch the excitement.

Her boyfriend returned home and must have wondered why she was hiding. She explained her outrage at the stolen keys.

He pointed at the keys hanging from her pant's pocket. You mean, those keys?

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