Sunday, September 2, 2007

my alternate answers to the 10 questions

I was glad to have been reviewed by the people at blogsweluv. If you go that site, you will read my "right answers." (I have tucked this away in my blog by giving it a false date...)

Here are the alternate answers that I submitted to Amy at the time of my review:

1. Describe your blog in five sentences or less.

It is just like USA Today only different.

2. Link us to one post from your blog that best defines who you are. (really, click on it)

3. What sets you apart from other bloggers?

Are you kidding? Hey, to know me is to love me. All the other bloggers are schlocks that post whiny drivel. I stand out because I am the only blogger(apart from Amy) that puts out anything worth reading. My posts are all fascinating. My content is scintillating. My insights are astute. In fact, my site contains virtually everything anyone needs to know to successfully navigate life. ;)

4. When and how did you first discover blogging?

I was hiking Mount Washington one afternoon when I looked down and saw a squirrel with a piece of paper in its mouth. He came over to me and dropped it on my foot. The paper said, “Try blogging.”

5. What is your biggest pet peeve related to blogging or the internet?

Blogs tht contane typos.

6. Name one plugin, blogging widget, or service that you can’t live without.

The one widget I can’t live without is my dialysis machine.

7. If you could choose anyone, living or dead, to write a guest post for your blog, who would it be and why?

Constantine from American Idol a couple years ago. He was annoying enough.

8. How has blogging made you a better person?

It hasn’t. All it has done is wasted my time and made me more socially isolated.

9. What are your tips for becoming a better blogger?

Don’t do it.

10. Name one great blog that you read on a regular basis. What makes it unique?

The Deleted Images blog. It is a whole pile of useless graphics that have been discarded.


josey said...

OHHH, i see how ya are (#3). PPHHBBTTT! :P~

hehehe!! just kidding of course ;) (assuming you were. i hope. LOL.)

anyhoo, im guessing these alternative answers were somewhat MORE true than the others...especially #8. am i right? deep down i feel the same altho obviously there are SOME good things about blogging (which you mentioned in your "polite" answers...)!

anyhoo, thanks for the laugh!!! does your inherent sarcasm come out in any of your sermons?? :)

FriendinME said...

well, some of them are kidding, other are not. Like the one about the squirrel? that's true. ;)

I use humor a lot in my messages... and I am sure that my sarcasm comes out from time to time. Actually, my people know that I am this way. :)

thanks for your input and visits to my site, Josey. I always like hearing from you.