Thursday, September 27, 2007

name of a real Cub's fan?

My son knew a girl named Crystal Lear. Her middle name (no kidding) is Shanda.

In our little town, there was a man named Harold Butz. He was known by people around town (and listed in the phone directory) as Harry.

This week, Paul and Terri of Michigan City, Indiana named their newborn son, "Wrigley." Peculiar, but not outlandish. But what is their last name? Fields.

Wrigley Fields was the name they chose for their son, naming him after the home field of their beloved Chicago Cubs.

Cubs spokeswoman Katelyn Thrall said that the team has never heard of another child named Wrigley, but there have been children named Zambrano and Ryne (after Cubs stars Carlos Zambrano and Ryne Sandberg.)


I appreciate that they love their Cubs... but wouldn't that kinda be like naming your child "perennial loser?"

If my last name were "Park" I woulda named one son, "Fenway" and the other one "Citizen's Bank."