Friday, September 28, 2007

an interesting and odd feel-good story

Mr. and Mrs. Han were concerned for their 10-month old daughter (see picture). Doctors of her hometown in China diagnosed her as having pneumonia but unfortunately, she did not respond to treatment.

The girl was taken to the hospital at Zhengzhou University where it was determined that she had a rare complication of pneumonia known as Pyopneumotorax.

Extensive treatment was started, but everything they tried failed. It was decidced that she might benefit from an open-chest surgerical procedure.

The surgery produced a result that no one imagined. Surgeons found a 3cm piece of grass growing in her right lung.

Doctors don't know how such a thing happened. They have never seen it before. They suggest that perhaps she inhaled some grass seed while outdoors at their home and the seed found her lungs to be a good place to grow.

The grass was removed. The girl has recovered.

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