Monday, October 1, 2007

Think of it as a first-floor sun roof.

Rodney Rogers of Greenfield, Ohio was looking forward to moving into his new home.

The gentleman's agreement with the builder was that after the house was complete, Mr. Rogers would buy the house. In the meantime, the builder would be allowed to live in the house while he was constructing it.

Everything went as expected until the house was finished. Apparently, the builder liked his own work so well that he decided to stay... and not sell to Mr. Rogers.

Ahhhhhhhh. What to do? Here's an interesting attempt at conflict resolution:

The 60-year-old Rogers took a power saw and cut the house horizontally in half. Making a chest-high 360-degree swath around the house, he gave new definition to "split-level."

According to Highland County Sherrif, Ronald Ward, the only thing that was keeping the top half of the house in place is "gravity."

There is no estimate on damages yet. (yes, that is a picture of the house)

Mr. Rogers, please won't you be my neighbor?

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