Wednesday, October 3, 2007

stuck on a toilet seat: part deux

Back in 2003, Bob Dougherty of Nederland, Colorado was the victim of a prank. While visiting his local Home Depot store, he visited the men's room. He did his business... but when it tried to rise, he found himself securely glued to the toilet seat.

Eventually, he was unglued by firefighters and parametics. He passed out as he had strips of skin removed from his posterior so that his posterior could be removed from the toilet.

He sued Home Depot and got a settlement.

Four years passed.

Last month, Mr. Dougherty was taken to the hospital suffering from abnormally low blood sugar. He slipped into a coma for a time. He is recovering.

How are these incidents related, you ask?

Mr Dougherty has filed another lawsuit against Home Depot claiming that the glue-incident of 2003 gave him post-traumatic stress syndrome which, in turn, has led to his being a diabetic.

In short, he is suing Home Depot for his diabetes (and related expenses) because four years ago, an unknown prankster glued him to a toilet seat.

Home Depot has filed a counter suit to have the charges dropped.

As a sidenote, another county official has come forward claiming that Mr. Doughtery claims to have been "glued" to another toilet seat in 2004. Hmmmmm.... does he have really bad luck, or do we have a possible "serial gluee?"

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